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Prosperity…is peace-of-mind.


- Owner

Prosperity Roofing and Exteriors, LLC, started in 2010 after the owner, Hunter Maloy, worked in construction, lending, and mortgages for over seven years. After building strong relationships with local builders, he developed an interest in the construction process. He wanted out from behind the desk and took the leap into an exciting new venture.
With a young family to support, roofing and construction became his passion. Learning the business, Hunter soon discovered that there are many roofers who make it a habit of cutting corners, treating people with disrespect, and deceiving customers to win the job. He decided he wouldn’t try and compete with those roofers, but instead would treat every customer the way that he would want his own family to be treated. The foundation of Prosperity Roofing & Exteriors is built on knowledge, fairness, integrity, and sustainability. In time, he surrounded himself with a team of like-minded individuals that he trusted and who also value trustworthiness and integrity. Prosperity Roofing will never hire a “sales closer;” but only people who have a passion for helping homeowners with their most valuable asset. The Prosperity team has become more like a family than a business, and we treat our customers with integrity and respect.


- Director of Operations

Working for Prosperity Roofing is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had, our team is like a family. We respect each other’s positions and care about one another. The culture of Prosperity is one of integrity, authenticity, and honor. Everyone works together for the success and growth of the company. We have one common goal: that is to be the best roofing company in Central Texas. I am blessed to call every one of the members on the Prosperity team my friend. The leadership within the company is, in my opinion the best in the industry. It is an absolute joy coming to work every day.


- Area Manager

Working for Prosperity Roofing is a learning experience every day! Keeping up with the latest innovative products and teaching our customers about those changes. People don’t usually replace their roof often in the time they own their homes, so as an Area Manager it is my responsibility to be sure they are aware of the new products and changes. From helping them navigate the claim process, meeting with the adjusters and picking the perfect color for their roof can be challenge for them.


- Area Manager

I love that we aren’t just a roofing company we can take the project from a new roof to new gutters to solar panels and solar attic vents; the complete restoration of the property after a storm from beginning to end. This allows homeowners to create a whole new look for their home. Orchestrating this process keeps the homeowner from the headaches of scheduling different companies to come and look at every individual trade to get the project completed. We truly are a one stop shop contractor.


- Area Manager

Being a problem solver is what makes my job enjoyable! With the current material shortages, it has been like putting a puzzle together to make sure all the pieces are in place for the day of installation. The customers have been very patient with the ever-changing possibilities presented to them in getting the exact color and all the components for their roof. It gives me great joy when the job is complete, and the customer is satisfied, and we have exceeded their expectation.


Being a second generation roofer and growing up around roofing most of my life there isn’t much I haven’t seen. My goal is to leave my customer’s home better than when I got there. Prosperity Roofing has helped me reach this goal with a top notch team of experienced roofers and contractors. Prosperity truly gives all of their employees and customers peace of mind.


Prosperity Roofing and being located in Central Texas. The view is always changing and the homeowners we work with are always excited about the services we provide: roofing, siding, gutters, ventilation, and painting. It’s a good feeling knowing that Prosperity and I have given the homeowner “a peace of mind” at the end of the day.


Every day, I take great pride in representing Prosperity Roofing. We’re not just a company, we’re a family. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service, one roof at a time, has firmly established us as a trusted and respected name within our community.


At Prosperity Roofing I strive for excellence and understand the importance of transparency and due diligence. I aim to adhere to the highest levels of workmanship and cater to our customers’ needs from start to finish. We don’t provide a service, we provide a result. The best part about working at Prosperity Roofing is I don’t feel like just an employee, I am part of the Prosperity family and part of the TEAM.


Prosperity Roofing & Exteriors, LLC

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