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Why Should You Consider Beverly S. Sheffield Northwest District Park in Austin, Texas?

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If you’re looking for an outdoor family park in Austin, you can’t go wrong with Beverly S. Sheffield Park. The park is one of the most beautifully designed and preserved in all of Austin. It’s located in the trendy Northwest Austin area of the city. It is very near the popular nightspot Westlake and Guadalupe Street shopping, venues for live music, and bars and restaurants. Popular space with a playground, swimming pool & beautiful basketball & tennis courts. Learn information about Austin, TX here.

  The main feature of Beverly S. Sheffield Park is its location in the hip Northwest Austin neighborhood of Dallas. This community is conveniently close to the many different amenities of downtown Austin, including Children’s hospital, Lady Bird Johnson Park, Guadalupe River, South Congress garage, downtown condos, and much more. Its close proximity also includes many walking, biking, playing, dining, and other recreational options. This park is owned by the City of Austin and managed by the Austin Recreation Department. This recreation department has been instrumental in keeping the area completely free of abandoned and obsolete structures and preserving its historic character. Discover facts about Why Visit The Austin Nature & Science Center in Austin, Texas?

If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, you might want to try the Friends of Beverly S. Sheffield Park in Austin, Texas. This complex is located at the edge of the park and contains two unique buildings-the Friends of Beverly S. Sheffield Park in Austin, Texas (FOSA) headquarters and the Austin Art Museum (AMM). The FOSA headquarters was built in 1960 and is managed by the city of Austin; it includes a state-of-the-art recording studio, an auditorium, a film room, and a music recording facility with a large soundboard. The AMM is home to the Friends of Beverly S. Sheffield Park in Austin, Texas, which serves as a repository of community resources such as the Arts Council of Austin and a history resource center. This collection is digitized and available to the general public on the Austin city website and on the Friends of Beverly S. Sheffield Park in Austin, Texas CDs.

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